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Quetzilla x Dilly Shade Music

Cover EP / Dilly Shade

Dilly Shade released his first EP in summer 2016. The EP show the debut of the band throughout his severals influences such as Muse. I have been contacting from those 4 talented guys to create an illustration that speaks about their own world between music, friends stories, girls sickness with a particular attention about where they from.

Cover and Animated Stop motion released for Dilly Shade Music, Rock Band from Lyon – France

technics: markers & posca

Quetzilla x Mattic aka The Ghost in The Machine

Cover Mixtape / Mattic

Mattic unique, quiet, never dull MC/Composer who walks to a different tune in his own world while dealing with the outside world, both which are very real. Hailing from Charlotte North Carolina and now living somewhere in Normandy France (Hidden), keeping himself very busy in his studio or on the road performing in front of crowds as one of the MC’s of various projects (Wax Tailor, Olivier Mellano, La Fine Equipe, ASM, Pitch, Juke…).  He doesn’t acknowledge a title of his style, but we call it « Past Futuristic Rhyme Animal ». The music feel is like he takes a trip into the past with a time machine and brings his sound back into future with the perfect balance. A rhyme wizard of groove and patterns. His own expression in music.

Mattic ordered a cover as a painting for his mixtape inspired by Madlib « Dr Outer Finds The Rock Konducta ».

Quetzilla x Mathis C.

Painting / Mathis C.

When he’s not travelling, Mathis needs to escape with the music. This painting ordered from his family is the mirror of his personality. Fan of Japan, where he has been living few months, Mathis meets a culture, very special to himself.

Quetzilla x La compagnie de l’Hermitage

Painting / Compagnie de l’Hermitage

Based in Tain l’Hermitage (France), the Fine wine bar « Le Bateau Ivre » express himself by tasting the greatest wines of the Rhône Valley.

The Painting is inspired by mythologicals representations of Dionysos.