Quetzilla X Dealer de Cook

Thanks to their finest food education acquired from the greatest Chefs, Dealer de Cook has been created by the amazing Jean Victor and Rémi. The young chefs base their concept on the street culture by merging Street Food and Street Art.

Each collaboration is a challenge, a way to shape the Art of cooking. Starting the project, the artist fill a list of ingredients he like, putting to the test the team of Dealer de Cook.  With all the items I’ve chosen, we decided to create a taco in reference to Mexico, the origin of my Art.

My challenge was to create a pattern on the taco with a cuttlefish ink with a fine brush. It was meticulous to create but we made it.

Marinated Beef / Guacamole / Cheese Cromesquis

Lights on Rémi & Jean Victor /D2C