For my first exhibition in UK, I decided to show one of the biggest influence to my creative process : Music.

On february 2016, Mae Maze and her amazing Chop Shop in Camden give me the opportunity to present my first serie of illustrations and paintings based on « The Language of Emotions ». What do you feel when you are listening a sick music ? you probably repeat it, hum it and get fancy to create.

Concerning that serie, I create each painting or illustration by using only one song in repeat to get a composition through rhythms, voices and rimes. I decided to represent the singer, song writer, rapper with a kind of environment around though up from the song.

The Language of Emotions is a way to thank all those Artists who influence my work everyday and help my creative process. Among them : J.Dilla, Madlib, Homeboy Sandman, Fairuz, David Bowie.

Concept of the exhibition: each piece has been display with a QR Code letting People listen the song while they look at the painting.

Chop Shop Camden Town
The Language of Emotions